Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Mixtape [reveiw of 2009 edition]

What exactly is the deadline for reflecting on 2009?  I mean, has the ship sailed yet?

I've been keeping a list of books, films, music and other forms of culture that made a difference in my life last year.  I just didn't post them yet because I...
a.  didn't know the acceptable deadline to blog about 2009.
b.  didn't have time to write lengthy thoughtful explanations about why these particular pieces made a difference.

BUT THEN, I read this post at my new friend Haley's blog and was inspired to follow her lead to share just the best of the best.  In Haley's words I give you "bits and pieces of life and culture that made me laugh, cry, think, and become more like myself in 2009":



  • all seasons of West Wing on Netflix
  • all seasons of MadMen on Netflix
  •  Rick Steves Europe

Visual Art:  
  • Forgive Thy Brother by Scott Erickson (I really didn't discover this until 2010, but the impact it had on me had everything to do with 2009)

Miscellaneous: flower gardens, spiritual disciplines, tequila-soaked watermelon, New York, New York, and....

the Summer of Thriller!

Summer of Thriller from Tamara Murphy on Vimeo.
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