Thursday, March 11, 2010

stalled between rest and work

whoo-wheeeee, it's been a week!  Arrived home from a Rivendell-esque experience retreating at Laity Lodge to my birthday and my daughter's birthday festivities, Good Friday and Easter planning that is (sadly) causing me a bit of stress, studying for a final exam for the Perspectives course.  That list doesn't even explain the tasks that are coming overdue on (what feels like) a daily basis.  I'm tempted to steal my daughter's leopard-print Snuggie, put it over my head and hide from the world for a while.  Probably not a good idea, but it might work for a day or two, eh??

I'll be back soon with (what I'm positive you're life will be on hold until) some good updates on the retreat and other mind-blowing profundity.  In the meantime, here's the little card I made for the new 14-year-old in the house.  Mostly I can't get anything done because I've been sitting here watching this over and over and over.  My kids are growing so fast now that it wrecks my heart on an (almost) daily basis.

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