Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday Mix Tape: [the family edition]

This week I highlight the creators and cultivators I can say are my all-time favorite in the whole world even though I am biased.  With four children, 5 siblings, lots of in-laws, 15 nieces & nephews, 7 aunts & uncles, and 21 first cousins, this post doesn't even scratch the surface! These just happen to be the few with websites and photos, easy for me to share.

Meet some of the artists and culture-makers in my family tree:

the prelude: listen while you read!

Standalone player

track 1: Where's Ulysses
The Wilderness EP , by Where's Ulysses
listen here
Through the years my sons have spent hours, hours and more hours making music with their buddies.  They've played out off and on, navigating the ebb and flow of adolescent interests and energies.  Over Christmas break they spent five days shacked up in a cabin in the woods with no plumbing and only wood fire to keep them warm.  This is what they made while they were together.

Why, yes, I am proud. 
Thank you for asking.

track 2: world-famous website
Cha-Ching on a Shoestring
Cha-Ching on a Shoestring
Living Large on a Limited Budget
My sister, Kaley, with the help of her husband, Wes, have created a coupon-clipper's empire at their website Cha-Ching on a Shoestring.  Over 5,000 readers stop by to learn how to score free stuff and make money back from working the system.  I am a lazy couponer and totally lack shopping savvy, but I've learned enough from Kaley's advice to earn free gift cards to some of my favorite stores several times a year.  You should subscribe -- unless you like paying more money for your stuff than necessary?

track 3: interior design. furnishings. gallery.
studio christensen

My cousin Jt Christensen owns this gallery space in center city Philadelphia.  I'm just all kinds of impressed with his taste and his courage.  

Bravo, Jt!

track 4: photography
I told you about them here; showed you some of their work here.  If you live in the Richmond/Norfolk/Hampton Roads/Newport News area, schedule a sitting with them for any reason. Right away.  Not only will your photos be gorgeous, but my cousin Grant and his wife, Deb, will be two of the most fun people you'll ever meet.  You'll make new friends, I promise!
 (some samples from our photo shoot)


[photo credit: Rearranged Design]

What artists are sitting in the branches of your family tree? Share your story, link, video, photographs below.  Who's creating and cultivating in your family? Bloggers, use the Simply Linked function below to share the link from your post with us.  I'd be honored if you included a link back to me on your blog.  Not a blogger? Share with us through the comment feature!  Neither of these work for you?  I also accept carrier pigeons.
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