Saturday, January 29, 2011

post script

Typically, time made its normal flight pattern this week. Whirring by by so that seven days takes place without our permission.  Seven days ago today we drove our son to Washington D.C. and seven days ago tomorrow, we left him there.  I think I've been in shock ever since.  Also, I've been sick .. again.  It feels the older I get the more frequently these colds disable me.  I'm beginning to wonder how long I'll be able to live in the Northeast and get anything done during the winter?  Or during any of the seasonal transitions. Basically, I'm productive for a total of  two months out of the year.  Wondering when my boss is going to notice?

A few p.s. notes on recent topics:

1.  In last week's mixtape I bragged on the artists in my family tree, including GrantDeb Photographers. 
     p.s., The Knot: Virginia Best of Weddings 2011: looks like I'm not the only one bragging.  Bravo, Grant & Deb!

2.  This week's mixtape focused on the art of "recovering" lost forms. 

     p.s., Diary of an Arts Pastor: A Landscape of Church & Arts: not only is this guy committed his life to the recovery of a thriving relationship (aka, "theology") between the Church and art, but his blog will introduce you to many other great advocates for the cause.  Don't miss this series of posts on the subject. ( "prologue" here)

his path to work
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