Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I'm a guest blogger!

Recently I emailed Elizabeth from Texas Shmexas telling her that I couldn't recall what happy coincidence led me to her blog, but that I'd enjoyed every single post I'd read since that fateful day.  Her writings about community helped me reflect back on my own musings, how in five years of writing in this space I'd grown from a wounded cocooning from community to a wounded woman welcoming and embracing community.

Today Elizabeth is kindly posting one of my favorite stories about community, first written in 2008 when we moved to our new home in the middle of Endicott.  Ironically, many of those same horse-bee-angel people were back in our house last night, crowding out the corners from front porch to back room with conversation, laughter, awkward small talk, kid-holding and kid-scolding.

I still struggle in the  middle of these things -- not sure where to land, insecure in my ability to make others feel welcomed, enjoyed.  I'm so glad for the comforting warmth of rhythmic rocking chairs, guitar strings, wine glass and coffee mug.  For the glad chaos of children running an obstacle course through the house.  My soul settles down to this liturgy of company.  

The fact that keeping company can extend beyond the geography of my neighborhood, to be welcomed to the virtual front porches of delightful bloggers I've met along the way? Community delights abound!  I'd love for the day to meet Elizabeth face to face, until then I encourage you to visit with her at her blog and give her a warm hello....

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