Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thursday is for Imperfect Prose: be believing


Unschooled me trying to write poetic verse, I learn best by imitation.  Hoping it is still considered bona fide flattery, this week I choose as tutor for my raggedy words Luci Shaw's Ascending.

be believing
(John 20:19-30)

Later on
that day / the dark room
was enough
to concoct buttoned down
in our minds.

While we lingered bolted-in
shut-up / You
breezed past barricade as One 
hole-pocked /  exhaling
absolution, a hot gust
peace be with you;
materializing new
as Yourself / awake & alive
after the woman's claim
you spoke her name.

afraid / our fingers
trace your split side
'til we inhale
Your closer breathing
our truer air.

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