Monday, August 15, 2011

Murphys Take Austin: settling in, a photo diary

[a guest post by Natalie Murphy]

This was our first glimpse. IT was so exciting to look out the window and say
 "Look! There's  our city!"

I will never forget this moment!

The Friesens are such amazing hosts! Staying at their house is like staying a  hotel!
 They've blessed us so much, thank God for the Friesens!
The Capitol of Texas, more stars then you could find in the sky!

Dinner at The Warners is one of my favorite things we've done in Austin so far.
 The Warners made us delicious enchiladas and they made us laugh, cry,
 and show our truest selves! It was a great night!

Annie (in her PJs and a Tu-Tu right after a visit to the ER due to a toy part stuck up her nose) enjoys some creamy jalapeno at Chuy's, a beloved TexMex restaurant! 

      Enjoying a game of "Spot It" with some other teens from Christ Church.
 Mrs. Friesen worked very hard to set up a "Meet n' Greet" which was very successful!

                  So apparently even squirrels suffer from the extreme Texas heat too!
 We thought this little guy was dying, but he was just 'chilling!' (: 
          Kendra and I were SO happy to receive Aunt JoAnn's cookies!
 I had at least 4 or 5 on the spot! Thanks Aunt J!

                    The Texas state capitol building was such a cool place to see!
 I would most definitely recommend a trip there if you're ever in the area.
              The gorgeous Texas capitol building made from good ol' Texas granite! 

         Exploring Whole Foods!
 It was so much fun to enjoy all the smells and sights with the Friesens!

       The shopping cart escalator at Whole Foods.

      The Friesens treated us to some yummy treats at Yo-way Frozen Yogurts!
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