Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Birthday Feasting! Seeing Snow White! My catapult* article "In Defense of Fast Food"!

--- 1 ---
Has this ever happened to you?  You're going about your ordinary day, stopping into a coffee shop with your husband and both of you see a woman and both of you know she's an famous actress but neither one of you can figure out her name or the name of anything you've seen her in?  Do you even know how frustrating that can be?

I obsessed about her for a day or so, pestering my facebook friends and my family to help me figure it out.  I brought the subject up to my 20-year-old son and he stopped me mid-sentence: "Wait a minute.  If you don't know her name or the name of anything she's acted in don't even bother starting the conversation with me."  

Well, alright then.  I'll keep you all posted if her name arrives in my dreams.

--- 2 ---
We watched a couple of movies last week that impressed me one way or another:  Snow White and the Huntsman (at Alamo Drafthouse) and Higher Ground (on Netflix).  I'm ruminating on both and will probably have something to say here sometime soon.  

Have you seen either of these titles?  What did you think?

--- 3 ---
Seeing Snow White together was part of Brian's weekend-long Father's Day / birthday celebration.  I told you his biggest gift was the rest of us promising to not start any sentences that began with "Can I...", "Will you..." or "I need...." for an entire weekend.  My friend Lael asked me if the idea worked and I guess it did.  The truth is that I was the worst offender.  Brian joked that he'd wake up at 12:01 am after his birthday to find me staring him in the face, waiting to bring a whole list of requests for him.

--- 4 ---

One of the best parts of parenting adult children is the sorts of gifts they are able to give us.  Here Andrew prepares ribeyes for his dad for Father's Day dinner.  I can't believe I didn't get a shot of the grilled lobster tail.  He also prepared an amazing salad with spinach, blackberries, blueberries, feta and walnuts.  Oy.....

--- 5 ---
Alex took us to Austin's 24 Diner for Brian's birthday lunch.  The lunch part was super tasty but the milkshakes for dessert -- woweeee!  Best I've had in a really long time.  

                                                       --- 6 ---

Obviously, food is part of Brian's love language.  Natalie decorated a cake that we ended up eating at 10:30 pm to fit it in before the weekend was over.   Didn't she do a lovely job?  (thank you for those lessons, Aunt JoAnn!)

                                                      --- 7 ---

My article "In Defense of Fast Food" was selected as a feature article for this today's edition of catapult*.  The tagline:  A call away from snobbery and gluttony toward the ultimate feast feels a bit like a joke on me this week!

Enjoy a fun and beauty-filled weekend!


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