Friday, June 08, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Moving Boxes & a Butterball Turkey! Pinterest Graduation Party! Venus Transit!

--- 1 ---
Phew-EEEE what a week, last week!  Our to-do list looked something like this:

1.  throw a Memorial Day picnic for all of Christ Church Austin
2.  pack up every single item in house and clean every speck of dirt
3.  move into new house and try to make a pathway between boxes
4.  plan son's graduation party
5.  throw son's graduation party 
6.  get son graduated
7.  pack daughter for a week of camp in the country
8.  drive daughter to camp, 4 hours round trip 
9.  work as many hours as possible for virtual assistant job on an urgent deadline

--- 2 ---
As tired as I was, I sure wish I'd added one more item to that to-do list:

10.  unpack the box holding every refrigerated condiment we own plus the 12 pound Butterball turkey.

Yes, for two days we left a Butterball turkey "thawing" in an unmarked box under a stack of other boxes in the middle of our living room floor.

--- 3 ---
The week was exhausting, yet full of good gifts.  We love, love, LOVE our new house and new neighborhood.  Our dear new friends at Christ Church of Austin proved themselves a moving force to be reckoned with.

--- 4 ---
I stumbled on this great post 7 Simple Ways to Help A Friend Move after we moved.  I could have written a similar post based on how all these wonderful people helped us, but since Megan already has, I'll just share the link with you instead.  It's full of great advice.

7 Simple Ways to Help A Friend Move

--- 5 ---
My to-do list for Alex' graduation party?

1.  throw every potential decoration into a box to take to awesome friends-who-let-us-use-their-house-because-they're-awesome's house
2.  dump boxes all over awesome friends' house
3.  spend entire Friday evening feeling stressed, weepy and anxious
3.  with the help of awesome friends, manage to create beautiful decorations and scrumptious food for party
4. spend entire party feeling blessed, loved, and grateful

5. last thing:  go to graduation ceremony and later write this about it.

--- 6 ---
For all the jokes about us Pinterest-lovers spending more time pinning ideas than actually making stuff, Pinterest totally inspired a lovely graduation party.

If you're into this sort of stuff, click hereAlex' Grad Party board.

While you're there, it'd be fun to be Pinterest friends, wouldn't it?

Follow Me on Pinterest

--- 7 ---
Finally, for perspective on my little, busy life there's this:

Beautiful, yes?  Did you see the Venus Transit with your own two eyes?  Take a picture?  Write a sonnet to the galaxy?  I want to know all about it!  (maybe in a comment box below?)

Enjoy a fun and beauty-filled weekend!


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