Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Mixtape: Rain for Roots, Lorenzo Duran's cut-away leaf prints, Iconagrapher Tatiana Niklova-Houston and an apple galette bonus track

There are few things in the world I get more excited about than imaginative, risk-taking, art makers sharing their work.

Each week, usually on Monday, I compile a metaphorical mixtape, a few "tracks" of art featuring the work of independent artists making good work.  (with an occasional pop artist thrown in for kicks)

Won't you consider this weekly post my little patched-together gift to you?  Hopefully, the post shares a little bit of happy with the featured artists, too.


p.s., this mixtape is meant to be shared; help a starving artist and pass it on!

track 1:  Rain for Roots 

I've been waiting for the right moment to purchase this album and the right moment finally came yesterday we threw a baby shower for our Children's Pastor.  Rain for Roots is an album of songs telling big stories for little ones.  The collection of ten new folk songs includes music by Sandra McCracken, Ellie Holcomb, Flo Paris, Katy Bowser and their families with lyrics by best-selling children's author Sally Lloyd-Jones.  

Don't miss the adorable video of these female artists singing along with their adorable children.

track 2:  Lorenzo Duran, Cut-Away Leaf Prints

                                                                        Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

This work blows my mind.  I can't imagine the time and dexterity required to carve the delicate images out of the organic material of dead leaves.  

Artist Lorenzo DurĂ¡n lives and works in Guadalajara, Spain where for the last four years he’s focused primarily on cutting intricate illustrations from dried leaves. He often depicts animals and insects as shown above, but has explored a wide variety of geometric patternsand also does custom work on request. (via fer1972)

UPDATE: The artist asked me to share with you the gallery talk for her exhibit at VAM: November 1 at 7pm (see address below).  She also welcomes you to her facebook page, Sacred Illuminations.

photo credit

Tatiana Niklova-Houston hosted Christ Church guests in a private walk-through of her current exhibit in Austin.  I was disappointed to not be able to attend, hoping browsing her online gallery will make up for that disappointment in some small way. 
VAM Gallery presents "Sacred Illuminations": Celebrating light and the joy of the Spirit! Byzantine and South Slavic Iconography and manuscript illuminations inspired these 90 paintings. The symbolism and metaphorical imagery was executed in gold and metallic inks and acrylic paints, embellished by jewels. 
"Tatiana Nikolova-Houston's work beckons us to lay down our adult anxieties, pride, and prejudice and enter reverently into God's holy presence with humility and sincere delight of a little child," Prof. Tim High, UT Visual Art Faculty. 
The exhibition runs September 16 through November 17, 2012.  The artist will give a gallery talk on November 1 at 7:00 PM -- First Evangelical Free Church, 4220 Monterey Oaks Blvd, Austin TX 78748; Tel.  512/891-1600

bonus track:  The Apple Galette by Rachel Chew


Before I go, I should tell you that I love to hear what poems, pictures, 
songs and reasonable words you are enjoying.

  Please do stop by the comment box and share a bit with me.

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