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Monday Mixtape: WaterSky by Phil Keaggy, Evening Tide by Susan Schwake, Andy Palmer furniture and The Art of Breadmaking

Source: via Gebis on Pinterest

There are few things in the world I get more excited about than imaginative, risk-taking, art makers sharing their work.

Each week, usually on Monday, I compile a metaphorical mixtape, a few "tracks" of art featuring the work of independent artists making good work.  (with an occasional pop artist thrown in for kicks)

Won't you consider this weekly post my little patched-together gift to you.  Hopefully, it makes the artists I'm crushing a little bit of happy, too.


p.s., this mixtape is meant to be shared; help a starving artist and pass it on!

track 1:  Jeff Johnson and Phil Keaggy, WaterSky

Laity Lodge on the Frio River in the Texas Hill Country casts some sort of Rivendell-like charm on all who visit there. For artists that charm seems to translate into creative inspiration.  This case, a second collaboration between keyboardist Jeff Johnson and guitarist Phil Keaggy translates the charm and beauty of the Frio River canyon into sound.

Watch the video, listen to the samples, buy the album. 

via Ark Music:  The musical adventures by the keyboard/guitar duo first began with their popular and critically acclaimed,Frio Suite (2009). Their second collaboration, full of thoughtful melodies, rich textures and sublime segues, takes their listeners on eight new instrumental voyages akin to floating in a canoe through the awe-inspiring Frio river canyon.

                                                                          Source: The Working Proof via Tamara on Pinterest

I've mentioned The Working Proof before ("Thrifty Arts Patron").  I receive the email updates to see the new work as well as the charitable causes artists are promoting.  This particular piece by Susan Schwake has been my favorite in many months.  I suppose it's partly the color, shapes, textures that draw me to the work, but I also appreciate the work for the feeling the image and title evoke.   
via The Working Proof
About the print:This piece came from that special quiet which you get when right at twilight when everything is calm. I love to spend time at the ocean and dusk is one of those perfect moments for me. In fact I added the shimmer of gold paint to hint at that time of day as a golden moment.
This print is available in multiple sizes. It was digitally signed by the artist. The 8x10 and 11x14 prints are numbered by The Working Proof. Learn more here.
I chose to pair Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) with my print because their work is just so important.

track 3:  Andy Palmer, furniture

Andy Palmer

When we moved to Austin, our artist friends took up a collection for us as a farewell gift.  They gave us money to purchase art once we arrived in Austin. 

We wanted something different.

We wanted to take a bit of our New York community with us.  We showed up at our friend Andy Palmer's house, walked through each room, and, finally, selected one piece that would take New York with us to Texas.

Single Tree by Andy Palmer -- in our house
 (I  need a new picture showing where we've placed it in our new house)

In a perfect world, I'd call Andy up and say "Me and all my blog friends are coming over to tour your house!".  It's a tour-worthy house, trust me.  You can see much of the handmade furniture, custom cabinetry, ceramic ware and paintings from his house on his updated blog.

If you want to own a one-of-a-kind piece, Andy's your guy.  If you want quality craftsmanship, gorgeous natural materials and whimsical design, Andy's your guy.  

Oh, how I love the films from Tiger In A Jar.  Don't you think October is a lovely time for all of us to practice the art of bread making?


Before I go, I should tell you that I love to hear what poems, pictures, 
songs and reasonable words you are enjoying.

  Please do stop by the comment box and share a bit with me.

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