Wednesday, June 05, 2013

winners for Just Begin & Make + a big thank you to PJeanArtMachine

Week 4:  Just Begin
Nothing begets nothing, but something just might beget something really good. 

Print details at 
PJeanArtMachine on Etsy.

Now the winner from week two for the print of your choice.  I snagged (literally) Natalie as she was running out the door for school to draw this week's name.  (please notice the purple wristband)  We found a semi-orderly surface in our unpacked home to take the snapshot.  She did not have time for even one more photo, but I promise you this is the name she drew.

drumroll for winner............  HOPE SPICER!

Here's Hope's photo story from last week.  Over the years Hope has been really generous to volunteer her paparazzi services so I'm especially grateful to send her this week's print.  Keep looking for new beginnings, Hope! (and thank you Phaedra for the prints!)


NOW for the grand finale drawing for this whole blessed and beautiful Practice Resurrection series: a brand new, never-been-listed print from PJeanArtMachine ...


We found another semi-orderly surface to stage this drawing.  I really wish you all could have been there.  Also, we used the drawing as an excuse to eat half-moon cookies from Central Market.  And, yes, the shirt Kendra is wearing is one of her very favorite thrift store finds.  Please appreciate it.  

I especially love how the first photo turned out -- proof that we shuffled all the slips of paper with all the entries from the very beginning of the series until now. 

And we drew a winner....

drumroll for winner............  MEGAN GLENNON!

Megan offered both a guest post and a photo story and I think her work is a beautiful example of making all things new.  So, I say, "Megan, keep on making!"


Thank you, again, Phaedra Taylor, for partnering with me in this fun and meaningful experiment.  It's been a joy to celebrate resurrection each week with so many delightful people.  May God establish the work of our hands and may we remain alert to all the daily evidences of His life in, around, among and through us.



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