Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Kendra in Guatemala, slam poetry in our back yard, Megan's coming and more!

Even though she wasn't able to write a post for us this week, Kendra's sharing some of her photos from the place that has captured her heart:  Guatemala City.

Kendra & Christ Church friends visit treasured families
living in the Guatemala City dump neighborhoods.
Presenting the key to a new cinder-block house to Juana and her family.
 The Christ Church team worked to help make Potter's House
100 cinderblock homes goal a reality.
Kendra gets to visit our dear friend Johstin.
Potter's House Guatemala on Facebook

We're down to about four boxes still to unpack.  We're not ready for a housewarming party or anything, but it's beginning to feel a bit like home around here.  

Our neighbors are ready for a housewarming party, though.  The people who share the garage-turned-house in our back yard moved in around the same time we moved into the front yard.  Our landlady told us all 3 of the back tenants are poets but I didn't have the chance to ask them yet.  Imagine my giddy delight when one of them knocked on our back door a few days ago inviting us to their housewarming party / slam poetry performance in the back yard Saturday night.

Yes, I do believe we've found our home.

A few links from the web this week:

Last week I shared the much-linked Evolution of the Swimsuit.  This week, I give you a counter argument:  Is Itsy-bitsy Wrong: bikinis and modesty

Season 4 Casting:  Dang.  Just when I decided I was done with this show they bring in Paul Giamatti.

Much Ado About Mud, Monsters and MarriageA Survey of 2013’s Memorable Summer Movies by Jeffrey Overstreet 

I try to tell people why I love Uncommon Objects on South Congress.  Now you can see -- a bit -- for yourselves.


Tomorrow our sweet niece arrives from New York to spend the week with us here. I tell you this so that if you hear loud cackling, hilarious giggling, non-stop chattering all the way from here to there you'll know why.  Megan, Kendra and Natalie are in the house.  

Today my niece asked Natalie for our zip code so she could check the weather forecast.  Natalie refused to tell her because she's afraid Megan would decide not to come.  (don't tell her, but today in New York was 77 degrees.  Do you think she'll be as grateful as we are that it was only 100 degrees here today?

Tonight we're introducing our daughters to the genius of Rear Window.  I love Friday  nights.


A beauty and grace-filled weekend for us all, dear ones.

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