Monday, July 22, 2013

Because it's time.

I think I say this every year -- and why not?  We are so ready for vacation.  Even in this new way of life which involves us having to drive a gazillion hours and sleep on couches and floors no where near anything resembling a resort, even with that we are ready for vacation.  For years I've known that sometimes we need to pray more fervently for protection over planned times of rest than any other endeavor.  I believe it more firmly now when planned times of rest include 3,400 miles driving cross country (non-stop, thank you very much) and hopes for sweet reunions with family and friends.

This year's reunions include meeting our new niece Ellie for the very first time.  And for saying good-bye to one of my dearest friends for the very last time before her family moves across the world.  

So, we pause in our packing for prayers.  I'm especially for these words of blessing a friend prayed over our family yesterday:

A Blessing on Someone's Journey
from Celtic Daily Prayer

I bless you, Murphys,
in the name of the Holy Three,
the Father, the Son and the Sacred Spirit,
May you drink deeply
from God's cup of joy.
May the night bring you quiet.
And when you come 
to the Father's palace
may His door be open and the welcome warm.

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