Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Talking about panhandlers and sales pitches at catapult* magazine this week

Hello, good friends.

Maybe you'd noticed I'm not writing much here lately?  I tried to sneak in posts from my son and daughter to cover it up.  This week my slated guest kinda ditched me -- she knows who she is -- but no mama guilt getting thrown here.

I did write two pieces for the current issue of catapult* magazine, Raising Money:

The perfect sales pitch:  On the decidedly mixed bag of direct sales

Cardboard sales pitch:  a response to Austin's panhandlers

Check out all the articles while you're there!

Hope you're finding joy and peace in and around you wherever you may be this week.


p.s., Here's a little peek at the much-acclaimed curbside love seat now taking up residence with my great-grandmother's bookcase.  We're starting to feel like we live in this place!

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