Saturday, March 14, 2015

7QT: Lent-ish birthday edition

I started the week by turning 44.  I'm pretty much unimpressed with this age and even more unimpressed with my approach to it.  It's been a rough few months -- physically, emotionally, creatively.  I'm feeling pretty surprised to not be actually turning older!  

Brian -- who was sick with a stomach bug and then gave it to me just in time for my birthday -- made it alright with this gorgeous gift.  This sort of gift would never get old.

One of my co-workers/friends makes a homemade dessert for each person on our team for a birthday gift.  After a lovely lunch out, I found her in the break room whipping this cream into a perfectly tasty pie topping.  This is another gift that would never grow old.  (Also, it turns out beating stuff in a bowl at work is a great stress reliever.)

Speaking of stress relief and work, this guy showed up in our office this week.  He's been named Bob, but seems to have some general confusion about his purpose in life.  I did watch a guy try to take him down one night around 6:30.  

I don't think this is what the managers had in mind, bringing Bob into the office, but he did provide me with quite a bit of stress relief, thanks to my witty Facebook friends.  The captions kept on coming...

Save for a few sick days here and there, I've been quietly posting each day of Lent.  I've become quite determined to blog the entire church year, starting with the Advent daybook posts in November, through Christmastide and the weeks of Epiphany.  In all the ways I feel overwhelmed in this season of life, the project grounds me somehow.

Lent Daybook series

For anyone interested, here's the mere 245 songs I listen to during Lent: 

It's not exactly Lent-ish, and I'm pretty sure my Grandmother would be appalled, but here's my 19-year-old daughter's review:

I say my daughter's 19, but I still don't believe it.  Tuesday was her birthday and I spent a considerable amount of time feeling sappy about it.  

Here's the result: 

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y , K E N D R A J E N E E by Slidely Photo Gallery

--- Other good words online this week ---

  • The Courage of Men by Suzanne M. Wolfe at Good Letters:  Best I've read yet on this tragic story.

  • 1,000 Days by Molly Nicholas at Art House America:  Tender and powerful reflection on the beauty and hardship of international adoption.


Hoping for a content weekend for us all, friends.


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