Wednesday, April 22, 2015

your Practice Resurrection photo stories [2015, vol. 1]

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For the next six weeks (from now until Pentecost), will you join me in feasting on Resurrection goodness in our everyday lives?  It can be as simple as a special candle you use for your meals during Eastertide or as elaborate as travelling across the world to meet new people.  Whatever it is, will you show us a picture and tell us a few words?   Plant spring flowers (maybe a new variety this year)?  Show us! Get up to see the sun rise on a Sunday morning?  Tell us about it! Take a new route to work (maybe taking more time than necessary in honor of the mad farmer)?  Share it!

"No classroom can do justice to the fullness of life experienced and lessons taught from this double pitch 5.8+ climb up Seneca Rocks in West Virginia. I was truly humbled. I was pushed physically and mentally the most I have ever been, and as a result experienced a depth of intimacy to others and the Creator and creation -- so much so, I kissed my friend on the cheek at the summit. One begins to rearrange one's life to experience more life-giving opportunities like this." (Jake Blasdel, Ashland, OH)


"Silvia told me that her Grandfather used to ride [a tandem bicycle] with her Grandmother and that Valentine's Day was coming up...anyhow, a second hand store nearby had one for sale so I bought it and fixed it up. Silvia loved it!"(Andy Palmer, Bakersville, NC)


"I spent a wonderful weekend with my sister, Debbie, on a jaunt to Taughannock Falls State Park (Ithaca, NY).  Cayuga Lake was the most gorgeous shade of turquoise that day.  Among other things, we saw: the top of the main falls catching the afternoon sunlight, Hepatica flowers all over in shades of white and palest pink, fallen logs and luxuriant fungus, the amazing texture at the bottom of the creek, Trillium foliage and buds (another few days, and they'll be gorgeous in bloom), Coltsfoot flowers growing in the rocky scree at the bottom of the gorge, Common Merganser ducks, and these fly fishermen at the lower falls in the gorge." (Laurel Rudd, Central NY)


"The only advantage I can see to the wicked winter we just survived here in Toronto is the timing of Easter. Easter came just as we were emerging from what felt like 'always winter and never Christmas.' Spring here is slow, but going into the garden every opportunity to look for signs of life is one way I'm practising resurrection. Chives are early, faithful friends, brilliant green. Rhubarb is unique, wrinkly, swelling from the ground. New life."  (Judith Cooke, Toronto)

Photo credit:  Scott Hatch

"Grandma was my safe haven growing up.  I lived in dysfunction, and I hung onto hope that I will be with my Grandma soon (we spent summers together), and she will protect me from the craziness of life. She lost her husband early on, but she remained strong for all of us left to deal with life without a safe man around. She took charge, she taught us strength, determination and hope that God will take care of us. She also taught me thankfulness: what you have today is enough to live with. You make the best of it and learn to improvise, if needed.  This photo was taken last week when I went back to visit her at her home in Valenii de Munte, Romania." (Anca Kochis, Vestal, NY)


Three steps to play along:

  1. Add something to your day that helps you practice resurrection. (one day or fifty days doesn't matter)
  2. Take a picture and write a description in 1-50 words.
  3. Share it with me via an email, Facebook or hashtag it on Twitter or Instagram #practiceresurrection2015.  I'll share some of your photo-stories with everyone here each week.

Who wants to join us?

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