Thursday, April 30, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} - Easter Sunday

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| pretty |

Our Easter table.
I stopped by the Next to New shop the day before to get matching water glasses and white place mats.  I found some clear bottles at the hardware store and "pencil" daffodils at Central Market.  Napkin rings are just odd bits of ribbon I'd stashed away.  

| happy |

Easter desserts
It's always wise, I've found, to invite dinner guests who have culinary degrees: lemon tart and blueberry pie from our friends.  Also, who can pass up the dark chocolate, caramel and sea salt truffles from Central Market?

| funny |

Easter egg hunt
Our guests (a co-worker and her roommates + another co-worker) not only brought dessert, they also brought the party.  They walked through the door with painted eggs, cascarones and a pinata. No one was exempt from the fun.

| real |

When's the last time you tried to crack open a pinata?  It's serious work.  We all ended up channeling long lists of people we'd like to take a crack at.  Cray-zay!

Missing Alex and the boys' girls, but glad to be together!  Please notice the confetti.  We found this on our floors, beds and porch for days afterward.  A happy reminder.

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