Thursday, May 14, 2015

{pretty, funny, happy, real} - update on last week's 7 quick family takes

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| pretty |

A few photo updates on the 7 quick family takes I posted last week.  

Kendra and Rebekah at the Phil Lamb Spring Formal.  Alex got there from D.C. just in time to look super handsome next to these stunning women.

| happy |

BRIAN FINISHED SEMINARY!!  His final final was Monday.  His ceremony is next Wednesday.  I saved this bottle of champagne that we didn't open on Easter Sunday for the first evening he didn't have to do any studying.  We also listened to the Yankees on the radio and Brian watched an NBA final on mute.  It was raining in Austin, the yard is still green.  A tiny little version of Heaven for the two of us.

| funny |

Andrew had an amazing set in the Funniest Person In Austin semi-finals.  Unfortunately, so did most of line up for that night so he didn't make it through to finals.  We consoled ourselves with a quick and sort-of-ridiculous photo booth session.

| real |

May 2014

May 5th marked one year since Natalie was hit by a car in the school parking lot.  She remembered some of the anxious and faith-building moments during her recovery in this post at her blog:  Flowers and Birds .

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