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your Practice Resurrection photo stories [2015, vol. 2]

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via: Lent & Beyond

For the next six weeks (from now until Pentecost), will you join me in feasting on Resurrection goodness in our everyday lives?  It can be as simple as a special candle you use for your meals during Eastertide or as elaborate as travelling across the world to meet new people.  Whatever it is, will you show us a picture and tell us a few words?   Plant spring flowers (maybe a new variety this year)?  Show us! Get up to see the sun rise on a Sunday morning?  Tell us about it! Take a new route to work (maybe taking more time than necessary in honor of the mad farmer)?  Share it!

"I set up an easel in the middle of our garden beds and told Lucy to paint what she saw. She dug in and created the most lovely garden masterpiece. Claude Monet would have been proud. It was a peaceful session of plein air painting for both of us."  (Betony & Tim Coons, Greeley, Colorado)


A Last Blue Bonnet Sighting at Pedernales Falls
"During Lent I realized that I'd forgotten some things that used to be so life-giving to me. In particular I used to be nourished by natural beauty, but in the non-stop pace of the last few years, I'd forgotten its power to heal. Since Easter, I've been more intentional about plunking myself down in nature. While my first foray ended in being attacked by fire ants, more successful attempts -- including a camping trip to Pedernales Falls--have been deeply restorative.  Thanks be to God."  (Krista Vossler, Austin, TX)


"We've had our share of pain this year, but it's hard not to feel life renewed in the giggles of a two year old." (Alicia Nichols, Vestal, NY)


"I try to remember each day to notice the creative genius of our God in the order and beauty of the natural world around me. It's views like this one on a golf weekend with my Dad and brothers that remind me each new day is uniquely designed and crafted by God with me in mind in order that I should glorify Him and do the work he has remade me to accomplish!" (Benjamin Murphy, Vestal, NY)

"Took a spontaneous exit for funsies and found a lovely village, Gengenbach, in the Black Forest region. Beautiful medieval town square, delicious gelato, and a fantastic sprawling playground amidst a vineyard and creek. Lots of families and kids out on a gorgeous spring Sunday."  (Tsh Oxenreider, Bend, Oregon & currently on a year-long journey around the world with her family)


"Watching my girl climb the Ornamental Cherry tree in our yard reminds me that security in God's abundance allows me to freely and fearlessly enter in to new life with others.  Also, it reminds me of climbing the apple tree in my Grampa's yard when I was a girl." (Kelcy Poat, Hammonton, NJ)


"Anna was our surprise baby in several ways.  We found out she was coming when her older brother was only 6 months old and we waited until she was born to see if she was a he or she. Surprise! A baby sister to two older brothers.  She's a spirited one, to put it kindly. God has grown that little 5 year old heart to love and care for her sick father. Her dad (my husband) was hospitalized around Valentine's Day with heart failure. She has gone from giving him a hard time (once a diva of sorts) to taking his hand and caring for her dad (a true daughter of the King). She breathes life into the heart of her father. She's the best surprise I've ever received." (Natalie Briggs, Temple, TX )


Three steps to play along:

  1. Add something to your day that helps you practice resurrection. (one day or fifty days doesn't matter)
  2. Take a picture and write a description in 1-50 words.
  3. Share it with me via an email, Facebook or hashtag it on Twitter or Instagram #practiceresurrection2015.  I'll share some of your photo-stories with everyone here each week.

Who wants to join us?

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