Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Pentecost art commission at Christ Church

These photos don't even begin to do justice to Phaedra Taylor's stunning reflection on Psalm 85 for Pentecost.  If I can find a digital version of her Artist's Statement or some better photos to share I'll post again.  

Follow Phaedra on Instagram for studio photos of this commission and so many other beautiful things. 

(also, as lovely as our rented sanctuary is I can't wait for the day to show you Christ Church's new home!) 

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I can't remember if I've mentioned yet on the blog, but this is our first experience with a CSA.  We're splitting a weekly basket with our friends (and neighbors!), the Akels.  Last week I got the fun of pick up.  I couldn't help snapping a shot of this beautiful bounty on the porch at our neighborhood hub.  Isn't God magnificent?  Telecote Farm isn't bad either!

So far the experience is sort of like therapy for our weary selves.  First we gather and divide the bounty. Then -- this week -- Brian, Leo and I got to walk the Akel's basket to their front porch.  I experimented with carrying it on my head and totally get why that has worked in other cultures for millenia. When we got to the Akel's, Mike happened to be  home and we spent a happy 15 minutes discussing his current film project.  We brainstormed a bit, and promised to pray over it in the coming months. Then we spent much of the weekend chopping, pickling and roasting veggies. 

If you know me at all, you'll probably recognize the perfection of all of this.  If there were a vocation called "Walk around carrying beautiful things to share with people and talk about art and creative projects and bless the people making all this stuff", that would totally be my calling in life.

Of course, the eating part was pretty great too.  

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Rained Out Celebration

Trust me, I am not operating this vehicle at the time of the photo. On Saturday we'd planned a fun outdoor dinner at our personal favorite BBQ in Austin.  The idea is that you don't mind waiting for a table because it's BYOB and there are picnic tables and twinkle lights and sometimes live bands.  A couple of problems:  it was UT graduation weekend and it was pouring down rain in sheets.  Picture several hundred people huddled under collapsing tents.  Fortunately, we have friends who don't mind Plan B's.  And we still managed to have brisket and celebration inside about 2 hours after we took this photo.  Providentially, we left Driftwood less than an hour before the storm became something entirely un-funny.

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I didn't take this photo because, thankfully, I wasn't close enough to any of the tragic flooding that took place in Austin and several small surrounding towns.  I've been over this bridge on several happy occasions, though, and am heartbroken for the lives and homes lost in the flooding.

We are no strangers to flood.  In 2006 our family was flown by Chinook out of our little town in upstate NY.  Thankfully, we didn't lose any property then, either.  But we are very familiar with living in a neighborhood filled with wrecked, waterlogged, and mud-stinking houses.  It's horrible and sad and exhausting for everyone who does the work of clean up.  

You can donate to flood relief efforts through the Austin Disaster Relief Network here.

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