Friday, November 25, 2011

7 quick takes, Thanksgiving edition!

--- 1 ---

I snapped a shot of these fellows gracing our table before I got it set for dinner.  Last year, I managed to find them free in a stuff swap at our church.  Aren't they handsome?

--- 2 ---

I managed to find them a spot on the set table, too...

--- 3 ---

...standing guard over the dinner rolls.  Also, those gorgeous napkin rings?  We purchased them from a young artist, Danielle Smith, at one of the art shows I curated at our previous church.  I am so happy we bought them -- they're stunning in real life.  I only wish I could get a few more!

--- 4 ---

Ahhh....the food.  THE FOOD!  My sister-in-law made the lion's share and we put her skills and labor of love right on the top of our thankful list.  

--- 5 ---

For what it's worth, I was especially grateful for her yummy, yummy, YUMMY spiced cranberries.  Delicious!
--- 6 ---

I'm not sure the last time Brian got to share Thanksgiving dinner with his sister.  We were all grateful.

--- 7 ---

Can't you tell?!?

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