Wednesday, November 16, 2011

homeschool daybook: on ideal days + a personal chef!

November 16, 2011

I forgot to show you yesterday the project that I made!

Today was a great day.  I'm finding the value of taking advantage of days that we're all home for the whole day to cover a lot of ground with as much cheerful rhythm as possible.  For example, there are a few touchstones I chose when we first started that would ideally be part of every day:  morning and mid-day prayer including prayer for the unreached people group I receive in my inbox every day, a decent lunchbreak, plenty of time to read out loud to each other balanced with plenty of time for independent work.  These days seem to be fewer and further between than I'd like, but I enjoy the heck out of them while they last.

We use the atlas to look up the location for the
people group we are praying for each day. 

Other highlights for today:
  • More time reading Annie Dillard together
  • Natalie started studying the Civil War
  • The girls had fun prepping for the time they're volunteering as mother's helpers for two different families tomorrow afternoon.  It was so much fun watching them plan for the kids, cull through their favorite kids books, print out coloring sheets and plan activities.
  • The biggest highlight of the day?  Our own personal chef who made sausage, brought it home from work, and grilled it up for us for lunch! 


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