Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Monday Mix Tape: all souls and saints

Welcome to Monday Mix Tape, in which I pretend I'm Ira Glass.  You know, I choose a theme and share with you several variations on the theme from the worlds of art, faith and culture.  To keep up the fun little facade of making a weekly mix tape, I label each of these finds as "track 1". "track 2" and so on (and just like the stack of mixtapes you've got hidden in a box in your attic, you never know when you might see some love song from Journey or Lionel Richie show up here). 

This week is one of those rare occasions when my reading of the spiritual disciplines plus my ministry calendar plus the  liturgical calendar all sync up into one theme.  Today and tomorrow (November 1 & 2) are recognized as All Souls and All Saints Days in the Church calendar.  The spiritual discipline of Study is focusing this week on Discerning our Teachers, remembering those who've invested in our lives, honoring their teaching with our decisions.  Monday night, October 31, known doubly as Halloween and All Souls' Eve, I found myself in a small chapel in Kansas City praying with about 45 other Christians through our individual family trees.  Praying repentance and forgiveness for the sin and wounds that I and my fathers have done.  Fitting timing, I'm thinking.   

A sampling of art that reminds me we are not alone in this world, that many have come before us and many will come after.  We stand on shoulders and lay tracks.  We honor legacies and correct the error of their ways.  We look for resemblances, pass on stories, shake the trunks of the human family tree, hoping for a glimpse of what we once were, what we hope to become.

track 1:  art
A Gathering of Spirits © Jan L. Richardson

track 2:  music

Lyrically, this song does not add to the conversation of all saints and all souls; it just has a beautiful, transcendent quality that seems to fit.  Don't you agree?  By the way, this modern-day composer became one of my favorites listening to my son's highschool chorale sing this song

This song speaks for itself:  When The Saints, Sara Groves
When The Saints (Album Version)

track 3:  prayer

We thank you, God, for the saints of all ages;
For those who in times of darkness kept
The lamp of faith burning;
For the great souls who saw visions of
Larger truth and dared to declare it;
For the multitude of quiet and gracious souls
Whose presence has purified and sanctified the world;
And for those known and loved by us,
Who have passed from this earthly fellowship
Into the fuller light of life with you.
Unknown, third century

track 4: just plain creative

from lifeonflower

Enjoy and be grateful...
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