Saturday, December 03, 2011

Austin, Nice to Meet You: Friday Night Lights tour!

Yikes - the blog draft folder is filling up again!  So many ideas, so little time (and this week, so many sinus headaches).  Here's a post I started about two weeks ago...

On the Friday afternoon we were waiting to pick up the beloved  Aunt JoAnn for her twelve-day Thanksgiving visit, the girls and I were too hyper to get much schoolwork done.  Way back in July -- before we even moved to Austin -- Natalie had discovered a blog post describing all the best Friday Night Lights shooting locations in Austin.  I'd been holding onto that itinerary for the proverbial rainy day (which is truly proverbial here in central Texas!).

*note:  I'd intended to find you show clips with all these locations so you could be as amazed as were, but frankly, that's gonna take too much time.  And, really, by now if you haven't figured out that we think you should watch the series for yourself, then no little video clip's gonna help you.*

1.  The Panther Fieldhouse, Flow Lane and Del Valle Street

So, this was the location of abandoned buildings next to an abandoned football field, next to a somewhat creepy and abandoned parking lot. 
We got in, got pictures and got out!

2.  Matt Seracen's house, 3009 Kuhlman Ave. Austin, TX 78702

The girls are trying to figure out how to buy a house on this street.

3.  Ray's Bar-B-Q, 6302 Monsanto Dr. Austin, TX 78741

4.  The bridge where Landry and Tyra try to hide evidence in season 2.  (trying to not give spoilers here).  Also, I couldn't tell you where this is located.  We discovered it driving to another location.  Someday, when I can find my way around this city, I'll update the post with the location.

5.  The Alamo Freeze, 5900 Manor Rd. Austin, TX 78723

Yes, this is actually a Dairy Queen, but the guy working inside
 gave us lots of inside scoop details so we didn't mind one bit.
Re-enacting an important moment (not giving anything away!)

Signed memorabilia inside.  Can you tell they were impressed?!?

We only made it through about half the locations.  I'm saving the rest for another we-need-to-get-outta-this-house rainy day.

 Also, have we mentioned that our very own Christ Church rector's house was used as a set for an episode in season 1?!?  Yes, the scene in season 1, episode 2 where Tami Taylor tries to join a book club was filmed in Cliff and Christine's dining room.  Here's a grainy picture I found online.

We tell people that we moved to Austin because God called Brian to be the executive pastor at Christ Church.  What we haven't mentioned is that the deal was really clinched when Kendra and Natalie had dinner in this very same dining room.

Dinner with the Warner family, our second day in Austin.
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