Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Moving Rant! Alamo Drafthouse! Barton Springs!

--- 1 ---
Within the next 24 hours, we'll be tearing apart our house. AgainPreparing to move. Again.  We're really excited about our new home, moving from the closer into the heart of this city we're beginning to love.  But may I rant for one teensy, weensy minute??  

I. HATE. PACKING!  I like that it forces us to streamline, purge, inventory.  I like that it lets us handle and enjoy items we own that we don't see on an everyday basis (my kids' kindergarten artwork, for example).  But I HATE the chaos of living in transition.  

Rant concluded.  Thank you for listening.

--- 2 ---
When we first moved to Austin, I did a pretty good job (I think) of chronicling our experiences of getting to know this new, bright city (to see for yourself, click on the links Austin, Nice to Meet You and Murphy's Take Austin by the Hand posts over there on the sidebar.  Not sure why I labelled them two different ways?).

Then everyday living sort of bogged me down and we hit a wall of not setting out for adventure in stolen moments and/or not writing the experience.  One valuable side benefit of a move is that it provides opportunity to see again.  I'm going to do better sharing those moments here.  I promise.  I hope. 

Otherwise, I should change the name of this blog and munch mindlessly on those blackberries, don't you think?

--- 3 ---
Here's a down payment on that promise:

On the top of our list of "Places to Visit in Austin As Soon As Humanly Possible"?  The Alamo Drafthouse.  I mean, seriously, how can you go wrong with a place that not only features new releases but also events like the Johnny Cash 80th Birthday Tribute show Brian and I attended on Monday night?  And, not only that, but gives you not just comfortable seating (albeit the COLDEST air conditioning I've ever experienced)  but also a full menu of food items you can order from one of the theater servers?  And, not only THAT, but the pre-preview entertainment includes super-fun montage reels of coming attractions created in-house PLUS short film/YouTube-type clips sent in by locals?  

I mean really.  Does it get much better than that?  

And because this is just the way we roll, we've lived here for nine months and everyone in my house had been to the Alamo Drafthouse -- except me.  On Monday, I finally made it happen.  Twice.

Yep, you heard right.  Avengers at 2:30 at the Slaughter/MoPac location with the family (wings & pizza & David Banner). The Johnny Cash Tribute at 10:00 pm (!) on Sixth Street with my best man (potato skins, warm chocolate chip cookies and the Man in Black).  

By the way, Monday is our Sabbath celebration and feasting is strictly enforced.  

--- 4 ---
p.s., both shows were amazing! Who knew I'd be an Avengers fan -- even while viewing I was simultaneously conjuring up images of Thoreau's Walden, a ball of yarn and knitting needles.  (and I don't even knit!)  

--- 5 ---
Loved this preview reel of coming attractions at the Alama Drafthouse this summer.  Double-date, anyone?

-- 6 ---
The Monday before this movie-fest experienced another Austin first (for all of us):  the cool, calm, quirky Barton Springs.  The weather was cool enough to sit under a tree with a book without dying feeling like we were visiting the surface of the sun but warm enough to brave the eternally 68 degree cold springs.  (with quite a long time of tip-toeing into the water).


And, yes, it's true that clothing is semi-optional and we got a surprising eye-full during our swim.    We just pretended we were vacationing in Europe and went right on enjoying our day.  

Now that we've actually experienced it first-hand, Barton Springs will be one of our favorite oasis during the hot summer months arriving any day now.

--- 7 ---
Even though my sidebar over there says I prefer paradox and mystery to tips and techniques, I'm all about good tips given at the right time and for the right reason.  So bring it on, friends, what are your best MOVING tips?

 I'd love to hear your best advice on moving: living in the chaos of partially-packed (and then partially-unpacked) houses, herding an army of horse-bee-angel moving helpers to (carefully!) pack, carry, and unpack boxes, cleaning up behind ourselves, etc.  I'm all ears!

So, hey, don't you worry about us here slaving away packing up our house.  Y'all just enjoy yourself a nice weekend now, ya hear?!?  

Seriously.  Have fun.

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