Friday, May 04, 2012

7 Quick Takes: food donation edition

--- 1 ---

I really don't like to complain here very often, but I am so mad at my computer right now, I could spit.  It managed to eat all the photos I took of my daughters and me holding my new nephew.  I'm so sad.  Believe me, he's beautiful.  And we looked pretty cute holding him, I promise.

Here's a photo my sister took the day they brought him home from the hospital.  As you can see, cute boys run in their family.

--- 2 ---

Kaley got home from giving birth and didn't miss a beat, providing media interviews today for Couponing for Community which kicks off on Sunday!

--- 3 ---

We filled up our first basket today, ready to deliver next week so it can count to the group totals.  

--- 4 ---

Would you consider joining us?  I don't happen to be a very proficient couponer but I do make great use of my grocery store's coupon system and tomorrow when I'm shopping I'll add some items to our basket.  The goal is to donate a collective 30,000 items over the week, adding our totals to the tracker at the Couponing for Community facebook page.  

--- 5 ---

Did you know that food pantries struggle stocking their shelves over the summer months?  And that children who rely on school lunches for healthy meals need food donations more than ever during the summer.  I'm not sure exactly if that's why the post office chose the month of May for their annual Stamp Out Hunger campaign (Saturday, May 12), but it makes a lot of sense!  

--- 6 ---
In a nutshell, then:

Couponing for Community kicks off this week (May 6-12)!  Thousands of couponers nation-wide are using our coupon skills to make a united effort to GIVE to a local food bank, rescue mission or friend in need.  
Once you've made your donation, you can head over and enter your total number of items donated on the 'See Our Progress' tab beginning on Sunday, May 6.   
We'd also LOVE to see pictures of your donations on the C4C Facebook wall.  If you are able to add a sign to the picture with the number of items donated and location being given, we'd love to see the locations where our giving is taking place across the country.   
Don't forget that Saturday, May 12 is also National Stamp Out Hunger day, so giving can be as simple as leaving a bag of non-perishable items by your mailbox that morning.  
 Our goal this year is 30,000 items donated in one week's time.  With your help, we know it's going to be BIG!
--- 7 ---

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