Tuesday, May 15, 2012

she writes

As expected, I was unable to sustain the time needed to continue blogging the homeschool daybook posts.  And now we're winding down on this grand experiment -- grateful for the time we've had together this year and grateful to enter a new adventure next year at an Austin area public highschool.

As one of my final homeschool posts, though, I wanted to share some of Natalie's writing exercises.  I think this girl has a future with a good pen, don't you?

An exercise in writing syllabic verse:
*mom's note:  I love how the Tinitarian worship we've been immersed in at home, and now corporately, has formed Natalie's imagination.  I'm thinking that we'll begin using this in our morning or compline prayers.

Glory be to God the Father
whose power guards me from fear
like a lion's roar, calling me
rids the plots of my enemy.

Glory be to Lord Christ the Son
whose peace fills my soul, so calm
he removes shame and saves my heart
and soothes my fear with good hope.

Glory to the Holy Spirit
whose work fills my trust and faith
and eases my doubts and sorrows
when he passes through my life.

This is my God, who is for me
who then is against me now?
He will breathe life into my words 
and hold my feet to the ground.

An assignment to write haiku:

Writing a haiku
As I begin to form thoughts
I am out of time.

my girl, ready for highschool in Texas
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