Thursday, May 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Alex is graduating, more artist shout-outs, Huff Post + Couponing for Community, more!

--- 1 ---

It's been a good week getting settled back in after our busy couple of weeks of celebrating back in New York.  Also, it's been raining!  In Austin!  This is a very good week.

--- 2 ---

We are on a pretty big Class of 2012 ticking time clock here -- AP finals, graduation gown and cap arrived this week, prom coming Saturday, graduation party invitations sent, graduation party to plan, eleven years' worth of photos to organize in an album since I fell behind long about first grade. 

This past week was the senior breakfast.  Alex was invited to play guitar and sing a song.  He also was awarded with The Coolest Kid No One Knows certificate.  Cool. I think?

--- 3 ---
I never posted the video clips we recorded of Alex playing at the Bowie Talent Show.  He just about broke his mama's heart with one of my favorite songs ever.

The emcee introduced him: "We don't really know much about this next performer because he moved into the district at the beginning of the school year.  All we can tell you is that he's been taking Bowie by storm ever since and he's the son of a Preacher Man.  Please welcome Alex Murphy."

(unfortunately I couldn't take the video off my husband's phone in one post and since I'm his mom, I can't choose just one to share.  I recommend you listen to all three!)

--- 4 ---

This week's Mixtape promoted newly-released work by artist friends of mine.  If I'd known about it in time, I'd also have told you about my friend Erin McMahon's work accepted into the Society of American Graphic Artists 79th Member Exhibition!

Erin's new dry point piece The Press Building will join the exhibit May 19 - June 29 at the Old Print Shop on Lexington Avenue, NYC.  

We are proud owners of another of Erin's pieces:

Murphy's Pub
Dingle, Ireland
Erin L. McMahon
Pretty obvious choice for us, wouldn't you say?

--- 5 ---

If I'd known in time for Monday Mixtape, I'd also have linked the Philadelphia Inquirer article featuring my cousin's Philadelphia design studio and art gallery studio:christensen (333 South 20th Street, Philadelphia).  You can read the article here:  HyLo Boutiques connects Philly-based designers with retailers and customers  

I know we're related and everything, but still I'm pretty proud of the work Jt's doing. 

--- 6 ---
Speaking of people I'm both related to and proud of, how about today's Huff Post coverage of my sister Kaley's grassroots efforts to collect 30,000 items for food pantries, shelters and neighbors in need through the cause she founded Couponing for Community, eh?  As soon as the link went up I called her and we screamed over the phone together so loudly that I scared my kids half to death!  (I'll mention here just as a matter of fact that I helped her find the Huff Post lead and create the content of the article.  One little, teensy brag is OK, right?)

So here's the article:  Couponing for Good: Help Clip Away at Hunger by Amy Neumann

--- 7 ---

Keeping the segues running smoothly here, there's only TWO DAYS LEFT TO DONATE through Couponing for Community!!  Keep reading for ideas on quick and simple ways to be involved. My daughters are I are loading up the back of our mini-van tomorrow to take our donation to Mission: Possible! Austin.  We're trying to wrangle up donations from friends to pick up along the way.  (pssst...if you live in Austin and you're reading this and want us to pick up food, leave a comment to let me know!)
In Kaley's words, here's  3 SIMPLE ways that you can give this week and add to the giving fun.
1) Help a Friend in Need: Is there someone in your life that could use some encouragement right now?  Gather a few items from your stockpile like lotions, body wash, or candles and create a little gift basket.
Last year, I asked my local food pantry if they could introduce me to someone who could use a little encouragement.  That’s when I met ‘Rose’.  Last year during C4C, I made a Mother’s Day basket for her with the items pictured above.  It was a simple gift, but I’m confident it made Rose feel special.
2) A Freebie Bag: Want to give, but your stockpile is looking a little lean?  If you’re like me, you have baskets full of freebies and samples that have arrived in your mailbox that you simply haven’t used yet.  Most homeless shelters or housing programs would be happy to take these items and use them for their residents.  Think of each sample packet of shampoo or body wash as one way to bless someone who might not even have the means to buy a bar of soap.
3) Leave it by the Mailbox: Perhaps the simplest way to give isNational Stamp Out Hunger Day coming up this Saturday, May 12.  Simply head to your cupboard, gather a few items, and place them in a bag.  Then set your bag by the front door as a reminder to place it by your mailbox this Saturday.
Then be sure to add your totals to our donation tracker on the C4C Facebook page before Saturday, May 12.  We want to celebrate GIVING together.
Enjoy your weekend, dear blogging friends!

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