Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes: my catapult* magazine article! more vacation photos!

--- 1 ---

I'm grateful to be published again in catapult* magazine's "1,000-Mile Imagination" issue released today.  The prompt was to respond to the truth that our imagination is formed by geographical place.  I'd written two summers ago an essay about the family cabin we visit each summer, the exquisite tension between grief and joy that place carries for me.  We've just returned from our annual pilgrimage and it seemed fitting to bring the article out again. 

You can read the article at catapult*, click here.

I've been enjoying the entire issue and recommend it as excellent weekend reading for all of us.

--- 2 ---
outside Fox Run Vineyards on Seneca Lake

More vacation photos this week.  This is Brian and me a little over a week into our 14 day trip.  We took one night to get away together.  Our first stop?  A winery on the gorgeous Seneca Lake wine trail.  Can you tell we're two people in desperate need of rest?

--- 3 ---
a Seneca Lake grape arbor in New York state

When people in Austin ask me about New York outside of Manhattan this is what I always try to describe to them.  We love the Finger Lakes region. (and thank you, Brian, for stopping so many times alongside the road for me to take pictures with your phone!)

--- 4 ---

Once we got to the cottage we did a lot of sitting, talking, napping, reading, and staring.  This birding book belongs to my Grandmother.  At one point (could it be the 60's?) she began making noting the date she saw different species.  Please don't tell my cousin I seriously considered hiding this book in my suitcase.  It's a treasure.

--- 5 ---
my nephew scoping out the fishing situation

We enjoyed more time with family.  I never get tired of this view.

--- 6 ---
my grandpa settin' 'em up!

One of the best parts of our trip was all the time we were able to spend with my grandparents.  They're both in their mid-80's and we never get tired of them, either.  They took us to dinner at their senior center and then grandpa and Natalie beat Brian and Alex at pool (doubles).  He's got one good eye and he can shoot a mean game!

--- 7 ---
We have never seen so many shooting stars in one sitting.

Enjoy a beauty-filled weekend!


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