Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Mixtape: 5 selections of art that help us tell the Olympic stories

Each week, usually on Monday, I compile a metaphorical mixtape, a few "tracks" of art I can't wait to share with you.  It might help you to know that tracks are loosely related by theme and very much influenced by whim.

This week I'm behind schedule around here.  Between writing missive-style posts like this and watching Olympics coverage I sort of lost track of the days.  This week's theme is unquestionably all things Olympics.   And London.  Around this house you couldn't ask for a better combination.

This week I've curated for you a collection Olympics-related artwork.


updated with a bonus track

bonus track:  Abide With Me tribute from opening ceremonies (dance)



track 1:  Royal Mail Olympic Welcome Stamps (design)

I love the concept for these postage stamps.  Love the way they combine the beauty of both the games and London's landmarks.  Click here to see all the stamps and watch this short clip describing the design process.

                                                  track 2: Flag Food via imgur (food)

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

You must click through the link to see the larger, close-up shots of this food.  Ingenious!

track 3:  BBC London 2012 Olympics Trail (animated short)

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Another beautiful piece designed to combine the beauty of sport and the beauty of London into the same imagery.  Also, the animation adds to the warm fuzzy factor, don't you think?  Lovely!
from the BBC site:  "The campaign shows the landscape of the United Kingdom transformed into a giant sporting arena inside the Olympic Stadium.
The music is First Steps, written and performed by Elbow, alongside the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and the NovaVox gospel choir. It will be available as a digital-only download from 27 July with all profits going to BBC Children in Need and Sport Relief."

track 4: 3 favorite Olympic-related blog links

  • Olympic Feasts -- One world. One Table. at The Schell Cafe:  Kristin Schell is the daughter of new and dear friends of ours here in Austin.  I love the Olympic-themed posts with thirteen different friends from thirteen different Olympic nations sharing feasts and stories each day of the Olympics.  You'll definitely want to subscribe
  • Learning from the Olympics at Think Christian:  Jeff Munroe shares the memories and morals he takes with him from the Olympic games.

track 5:  The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes, ft. Ryan Tedder (music/video)

My 15-year-old daughter can't stop singing this Gym Class Heroes tune.  And who doesn't love US men's gymnast John Orozco?  Honestly I could watch the clip of him on the rings as a little guy about 100 times.  

Maybe my favorite thing about the Olympics is all this story.  


Before I go, I should tell you that I love to hear what poems, pictures, songs and reasonable words you are enjoying.  Please do stop by the comment box and share a bit with me.  

Hoping that you find your common days aflame  with good books, 
pictures, poems, songs, words and ideas!

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