Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday is for new finds: Conferences, Retreats, Weekend Get-Aways

There were two events sitting high atop my calendar wish list this spring.  This week I discovered... 

...the one that got knocked off the wish list

Since January, I've been leading a group of about thirty delightful people at Union Center in a small group called Liturgy, Music & Space.  I've yet to meet the curriulum author, Isaac Wardell, but will forever be grateful to him for graciously allowing us to use his curriculum before its official debut at the conference (of the same name) being held next week in Kansas City.  Isaac is the very talented leader of Bifrost Arts and we are grateful to him (and many others we're probably not aware of) for his hard work and generosity to us.  I know that I would have learned much from this conference -- and may have been able to contribute from our experience -- also met many excellent partners in ministry.  Maybe next  year?

For a brief, but flavorful taste for the curriculum's content, I strongly encourage you to read this.

....the one where I got the scholarship and squealed like a little girl

Laity Lodge, May 2011

I went last year and wrote almost everything I heard and saw and felt!  This year it just wasn't going to happen financially, but if ever there was a year to go....

My beloved husband had done the work of looking into a scholarship when I wasn't looking and through the generosity of the good folks at Laity and a sacrificial gift from some kindred spirits, I learned Tuesday night that my way was covered.  Scandalous grace, I tell you.

Listen, you should join us!  Really.  Read retreat founder, David Taylor's posts for all the features and benefits business:
Plus, here and here for all the rest of the juicy details.

 Now picture yourself lying in a hammock under a Texas hill-country shade tree, listening to the rolling Frio River just over yonder.  Plus, there's the whole learning new stuff and growing in hope for God's good work among His beloved people and hanging out with some of the most courageous, good-humored artists on the planet -- really, what are you waiting for?!?

 ... and the weekend get-away we've been dreaming about for months

High Line, New York City

As if that weren't enough, I'm headed out for two days in the City, a belated fortieth birthday get-away weekend with Brian and two of our dearest friends in the world.  Yes, I've decided to break my Lenten fast for the entire weekend.  We're hoping for a little window of spring sunshine to walk the High Line, do some exploring around Chelsea.  Tomorrow night we get to hear Over the Rhine sing the Long Surrender.

Same duo, same venue, different show a couple of years ago

I'm scandalously blessed....

How about you?  What new-found glories have you discovered lately?  I'm opening up the link-sharing on Fridays for all of your great finds.

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