Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Mix Tape: [prone-to-wander edition]

Lent 1
Eve tempted by the serpant. Adam tempted by the woman. Jesus tempted in the wilderness. Us tempted between mundane, trifling days and rushes of exotic fantasy.  It's dangerous out there and we're surprised on every side by forbidden fruit and ordinarily-innocent chocolates.  We enter the season dumbed to our bent to wander, the power of flesh denied.  Even the littlest things denied stir up the devilish whispering within and without.

Somehow this week's mixtape ended up mostly gritty old rockers, wizened to the truth that not every tree is good for food.  Not all knowing brings life.

1.  Hurt, Johnny Cash
2.  Last to Die, Bruce Springsteen
3.  O Death, Ralph Stanley (O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack)
4.  Devil Town, Bright Eyes (ht: Kari and Friday Night Lights)
5.  Curse Your Branches, David Bazan
6.  The Maker, Daniel Lanois
7.  Longest Days, John Mellencamp
8.  Devil's Arcade, Bruce Springsteen
9.  Come Thou Fount, Sufjan Stevens (the hope of redemption for all of us prone to wander)
10. Thistle & Weeds, Mumford and Sons

the mix

Standalone player

Brother john / Have you seen the homeless daughters / standing there
with broken dreams / I have seen the flaming swords / there over east of eden
burning in the eyes of the maker (Daniel Lanois, The Maker)
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