Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday Mix Tape: [the blessed-are-they edition]

After meditating last week on all things temptation and from-the-devil (and failing supremely several times in the real life exercise), I am feeling ready for some good news this week.  My lenten reading takes me from the account of Jesus' desert trials to look at the ways my own pride keeps me blind.  Hardly seems like good news, does it?  

The relief comes in the form of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount -- all the blessed blessed-are-theys turns the world of sin-hiding and law-counting on its head.  Jesus told us bad could be good and white-washed niceties could become living, breathing, thriving lives.  We are lucky indeed....

If you only listen to one song this week, let it be this

if you've got time to listen to the whole mix, add these

1.  Nothing Is Innocent, Over the Rhine
2.  For the Widows in Paradise, Sufjan Stevens
3.  Yahweh, U2
4.  A New Law, Derek Webb
5.  Chicago, Sufjan Stevens
6.  A Prayer for St. Francis, The Innocence Mission
7.  Sold! To the Nice Rich Man, The Welcome Wagon
8.  Oh, Happiness, David Crowder Band
9.  Oh Happy Day, Aretha Franklin

Standalone player

blessed when you're hungry / blessed when you thirst / cause that's when you'll eat of / the bread that matters most (Mike Crawford, Words to Build A Life On)
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