Monday, May 27, 2013

Just Begin (print winner and giveaway revealed)

Week 4:  Just Begin
Nothing begets nothing, but something just might beget something really good. 
Print details at PJeanArtMachine on Etsy.

Five motivational prints to give away in four weeks, week four:  Just Begin! 

Here's how to enter this week -- our very last week...
Three easy steps to play along our Practice Resurrection photo story series:
1. Take up something new. (one day or fifty days doesn't matter, just one thing that's new or, maybe just unique with this season)
2. Take a picture and write a description in 36 words or less.
3. Share the photo and the 36 word or less caption with me via email or facebook message by Thursday morning each week of the series.  You are welcome to share a photo story as many weeks as you'd like.
A few more ways to enter the weekly drawing, leave a comment (on this post or the Friday post) every time you: 
  • Like This Sacramental Life on Facebook.
  • Like The Ambrosium (Phaedra's fan page) on Facebook
  • You already liked This Sacramental Life or The Ambrosium on Facebook before the giveaway began?  Go ahead and leave a comment (once per page) and we'll add you to this week's drawing.
  • Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Pinterest (use all the cute little icons at the bottom of the post) 
On Monday mornings I'll announce the winner from the previous week and reveal the next print to give away.  The last week in May I'll also draw a name from all the entries during the entire series to win this brand-new, not listed yet print from PJeanArtMachine...
Now the winner from week two for the print of your choice.  (May I insert here for your imagining enjoyment, the first week we drew winners we did it up big photographing both my daughters drawing a name out of our pretty kitchen bowl.  we're moving tomorrow so this week was me in my sweats, throwing scraps of paper into a styrofoam cup.  But Kendra drew the name and I beat a drum roll on the kitchen countertop; we celebrated you best we could!)

drumroll for winner............  HALEY BALLAST!

Haley's photo story for last week

Congratulations and keep on rolling, baby Sadie (and tell your mama to let me know which print she wants)!

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