Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Take Up Something New: repurposing curb-side trash to furniture treasure (Glennon Interiors)

A mild disclaimer:  Megan Hill Glennon is my cousin.  I used to babysit her.  Two reasons to be slightly biased, I suppose.  But if you could walk through her Pennsylvania home, or attend one of the infamous parties she throws at Halloween and New Year's Eve or taste just one of the double-digit dozen homemade bagels she makes at Christmas (using her mama's delicious recipe) you'd see the truth:  this lady's got talent.  Luckily for us, she slowed down her regular ball-of-fire pace during a recent project to capture a step-by-step tutorial for us.  If you live in the mid-Atlantic states, hire her for your repurposing, decorating or event planning projects:  Glennon Interiors on the web; Glennon Interiors on Facebook. (both sites will give you photo peeks into her gorgeous home as well as portfolios of her work) Thank you, Megan!

Turning a curb-side dresser with a missing drawer into a beautiful three-drawer & a shelf dresser
by Megan Glennon, Glennon Interiors

1.  It began as a nasty piece of trash on the side of the road.

2.  The drawers were not in it at the time. When I got it home, I realized there were only three drawers in a four-drawer dresser. After feeling a little bummed for about five seconds, I remembered that I have been wanting to do a dresser project that had a missing drawer so I could make it a shelf and use baskets

3.  Another problem was also this nice little crack on one of the drawer supports. 

4.  A little glue, some finish nails and clamps took care of that problem. Patience is something I'm not good at; however, with my carpenter-husband's voice in my head I waited a good 24 hours. 

It was hard...I have to admit. But worth it.

After 24 hours, the wood was perfect -- sturdy and strong again. 

6.  I took it outside and sanded it down...just to rough it up so it would accept the paint.

7.  I had found this awesome color in the mistints at Lowes for five dollars. Painted away!! I wasn't concerned about full coverage at first because I wanted that old, antiqued chippy paint look, but as i started painting I changed my mind and did a good three coats. More tan time for me, and my six-year-old was helping me so it was good mommy-son time.

8.  While it was drying, I cut my pallets to fit the shelf and gave them a good sanding with my palm sander. 

9.  I put the handles back on. I didn't change anything about those because I loved the antiqued brass.

10.  Before I put the drawers back in, I got out my husband's trusty finish nail gun (which has become my new favorite tool) and nailed the boards down. Looked awesome!

11.  I slid the drawers in and then began the antiquing process for the paint, which for me involes my palm sander. I just rubbed off the edges of all the corners including the drawers. And voila...antiqued!

12.  I wiped it down with a little soapy water to get all the dust off, stood back and enjoyed the view!

Taking something that is trash and of no use to someone else and making it beautiful is my kind of therapy. It just makes me happy. 

Repurposing is such a great feeling!

Also, each week during Eastertide I'm collecting your photos of practicing resurrection, taking up something new to celebrate our risen Christ who makes all things new.  Share your photo with a caption in 36 words or less at the facebook page for This Sacramental Life.  (See our first week here.)

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