Thursday, October 15, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} - fall is for leaves, football and parrots (?!?)

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It's been a frustrating week, weather-wise.  Otherwise, things are moving pretty gently around here.  This week I wrote out a list of the next 12 weekends just to help me gear up which prompted me to schedule a nap for January 10th.  It'll be a very happy sort of busy, so I am not complaining!
Since I kind of spilled out my heart in yesterday's post (last week's, too, I suppose), how about we just move on with the pretty, happy, funny and real?

A few photos to practice contentment this week
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morning leaf hunts
I've enjoyed the recent cooler morning weather with some lovely walks around the neighborhood.  This park is a gem just a few blocks away, and perfect for cutting through to return home.  I've been lucky to find a few gorgeous leaves here and there.  Just enough to feel like my leaf-peeping post aren't just some form of twisted self-torture! 

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Thursday Night Lights

High school football games are the best place ever for people watching.  I suppose some people (like my husband) attend to watch the game. Even though I wish the games were at Natalie's actual school, House Park is a pretty sweet location.  I mean how many Texas football fans get to watch their kids' school play within sight of the capitol dome?  Sadly, McCallum had a terrible game so we left a bit early.  After watching an impressive half time show, we rode away from the stadium on the scooter and got a great view of an earnest little couple making out under the bleachers. 
Like I said: people watching.    

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wild parrots

On one of the morning walks last week I spotted these feral parrots a block away from our house. At first I thought: Wow, how do they keep their pet birds in the yard?  (I guess I was envisioning some sort of invisible fence like you get for your dog, but then quickly realized it'd have to be as high as the trees, and well, then I felt pretty dumb.) Feral parrots are a thing, and that's news to me.  When I looked it up, I decided these are probably actually Monk Parakeets.  Apparently, they can be found a few places around the US: Brooklyn, Austin, Chicago and Miami.  A strange grouping of cities, I'm thinking.  Who knows?

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re-reading a verse of comfort this week

This past week, Brian took a prayer day at a Catholic retreat center north of Austin.  I took my lunch hour to fast and pray for him and with him from home.  I'd been praying Isaiah 30 (in addition to a few other passages) for the newly-formed Church of the Cross that is being planted by Christ Church (and led by our dear friend Father Peter Coelho).  Anyway, sometimes you're praying Scripture for someone else and realize that you are also -- deeply, deeply -- praying those words for yourself as well.  Isaiah 30:18 is just one snippet of challenging and comforting words.  I made this little reminder .jpg for myself and for Brian to remember our great hope and great call to be the lucky ones in Christ.

Have YOU captured any contentment this week? 
 I'd love to hear about it!

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