Friday, October 16, 2015

a few reasonable words from the internet this week

Happy weekend, all! We're headed into a fun weekend of wedding preparation festivities.  What are your plans?  

Here's some food for thought for the conversations you have this weekend over brunch, at the soccer field or on a little roadtrip (to the pumpkin patch?). And if you and I happen to bump into each other in the next couple of days, I'd love to hear what you think after these reads! (or, you could always leave me a comment below!)

• from the archives:  This weekend my grandparents celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary!  Here's a cute video of me interviewing them a couple years back (when they were still 67-year newlyweds), asking about falling in love all those years ago. 

• Speaking of conversation, I found this NY Times op-ed Stop Googling. Let's Talk. a reasonable (vs. luddite-idealized) critique of our tendency to allow technology to interrupt, even replace IRL connection.  In short:  we need significant amounts of time with no device in sight
• My friend Phaedra shared this post of 4 rituals that neuroscience recommends for happiness.  The thing is, a lot of it is common sense, Biblical even, but the human tendency to compartmentalize our physical, spiritual, and emotional selves makes us forget common sense, don't you think?  via Barking Up the Wrong Tree
• Becoming, new music from Giants & Pilgrims.  Husband musician + wife painter = gorgeous art.  Listening on repeat this weekend.
• Anyone else get the sinking feeling that David Brooks' description of the ungovernable GOP sounds a teensy bit like some of the churches you've attended?  It makes me wonder if there's a chicken & egg principle at work. via NY Times
• Oh my, this satirical conversation between parent and tot cracked me up. I'm not sure which scenario resonated more with my memories, the missing socks or the wanting of the things. Also if you've actually ever uttered the words post hoc ergo propter hoc in an argument with your preschooler, then you win at parenting.  via Slate

If you're looking for a Netflix suggestion for the weekend: we watched the documentary Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me this week, and recommend it. A sweet, sad insight into life with Alzheimer's  along with music from an outstanding musician. (disclaimer:  be prepared to have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the week).

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