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It's been a roller coaster of a week around here:  cooler, sunshiney days to imagine the possibility of fall, wedding preparations, pumpkin farm trips with adorable preschoolers, unexpected illness, and torrential rain requiring parish retreat plan interventions!  What. A. Week. With all the activity I lost track of blogging plans so here's a little catch up on capturing contentment.
A few photos to practice contentment this week

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Bridal Shower for Rebekah
We Murphy girls were privileged to be included in the wedding shower with Bekah's family and friends.  I'm still trying to get used to the idea of being a mother-in-law.  Honestly, it feels kind of weird.  When I just imagine it as welcoming Rebekah into our forever family, then it feels absolutely natural and perfect.  I guess it's all in how I think about it.  We're especially grateful to become friends with the Cummins family.  I mean, really.  As a first time mother-in-law, I couldn't be any more fortunate! 

The thrifty "monogrammed" gift bag held a special gift from my mother (now a "grandmother-in-law"?) for the engaged couple: a beautiful candy dish and platter that was given to her 45 years ago at her own wedding.  (Upon seeing the giftwrap, my daughter asked "What's the M for?"  I guess we're all getting used to the way this whole in-law thing works!)

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Godparents Go To the Pumpkin Farm 

Speaking of getting used to new relationships, remember how Brian and I became Godparents this past spring? Talk about good fortune!  Emmett has provided us already with many good stories and lots of happy moments.  Brian has taken especially well to the role of Godfather (in fact, he'd prefer Emmett to just call him The Godfather instead of Brian or Mr. Brian) The first photo above is not posed, and not unusual, in the friendship forming between these two guys.  Emmett's adorable older sister Lucy is actually Kendra's Goddaughter.  I guess that makes us God-grandparents??  (Trying to figure this out reminds me of this scene in You've Got Mail.) 

We'd had to postpone the pumpkin farm trip once, which turned out to be quite providential as the day we visited was relatively empty so the kids could just run from one thing to another.  Also, the temperature didn't get above 85 degrees, which was hot enough for all of us.  The good news is that Brian and I haven't lost all of our skills caring for little ones.  These two sweethearts couldn't have been more well-behaved, and we still took a 3 hour nap after dropping them back home with their parents.  May God bless all you parents of little ones with increased stamina! 

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Pumpkin Farm Outtakes
Lucy cracked me up with her photo opp savvy.  She wanted a photo with the pumpkin she'd painted.  At first I thought she didn't realize I was aiming the camera yet. Then I realized she knew exactly what was going on.  She was also enamored with all the painted cutouts, but unfortunately -- even with a hay bale to stand on -- wasn't quite tall enough for the full effect.  This did not deter one bit.  Her brother, on the other hand, just pulled himself up with his arms and feet to get centered perfectly.  Oh my, they cracked us up. 
I snapped the shot of Brian and the kids walking at the pace we'd kept all morning.  I was not always quite this far behind the pack. Also, we were not the only ones tired out from the excursion. 

Wedding Prep Outtakes
This was Invitation Addressing weekend.  We did our best to work with good humour, as you can tell by the cheerful signage. The designer who created the wedding invitations recommended we do our work with a bit of wine.  We followed her instructions to the letter.  (which may or may not have actually helped, but what happens in the Wedding Zone, stays in the Wedding Zone.)

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Sick Days

Natalie's not been feeling well for quite awhile.  This week we started some doctor appointments to see if we can help her get back to her energetic, vibrant, fun-loving self.  We feel that sometimes an afternoon in Mom's bed, watching The Artistocats is an important part of her health regimen. If you think of it, pray for her? (to be honest, I'll accept prayer for all of my kids!)

Have YOU captured any contentment this week? 
 I'd love to hear about it!

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