Friday, October 30, 2015

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The rain storm in Austin today? Woah. Earlier this week, though, we enjoyed some of the best I've ever in these parts. Sunshine, cool(er) breezes, no humidity and the skies one of the most beautiful shades of blue I've ever seen made me decide I might just be able to make it in Texas after all. Thank you to those who prayed for my kids, especially Natalie, this week.  We were completely aware of an extra measure of peace and sustenance.  

A few photos to practice contentment this week

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New York in the fall

My sweet cousin Megan gave me permission to share some of the photos she recently posted from a weekend at the family cottage.  My grandparents purchased this little bit of land in central NY when I was in middle school, and now Megan and her husband own it and taking wonderful care of the place that holds so many important memories for our family. Both things -- the family cottage and New York in the fall --  have gotten quite a bit of print from me here on the the blog (and to anyone within ear shot), so I wanted some photographic evidence to prove I'm not just homesick or crazy!

Really, though, can you blame me?

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Happy mail

A wedding invitation with my son's name on it. A gender-reveal card from my sister.  So many good things.

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Parish Retreat rain-out

Christ Church's annual retreat (our fifth since moving to Austin) scrambled last minute to change venues after forecasted torrential rain that would make driving to the camp potentially dangerous (not to mention make it difficult for tent campers!).  Kudos to our church staff (including my dear Brian) for pulling together in a pinch and creating a whole retreat-ish location for us all at our new (not-yet-renovated) property.  We enjoyed great food, encouraging talks from our guest Dr. Amy Sherman, and some good fun, in spite of the rain.  Two thumbs up to Sarah Smith for organizing a rollicking family fun night on Friday.  She organized highly-motivated teams to compete against each other in Minute-to-win-it games, Three Word Stories & Thank You Notes (a la' Jimmy Fallon) and, in my opinion, especially Egg Russian Roulette.

Here: see for yourself.

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time with friends IRL

A quieter season has made space for re-connecting with friends and, well, actually doing things out and about in Austin. Sunday night, I tagged along with Katie to hear Chorus Austin perform Brahms' Requiem at Saint Matthew's Church. It's my first time to hear it performed live, and was made all the richer for attending with someone who'd performed it live herself.  

On Wednesday morning my friend (and neighbor) Kim invited me to join her early-morning walking route.  We left my house in the dark, under a full moon, in order to show up at the doorstep of one of my favorite coffee shops when they switched the lights on.  Coffee, conversation and a walk back home (still under a full moon) was a perfectly wonderful way to start the day.

Have YOU captured any contentment this week? 
 I'd love to hear about it!

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