Monday, October 25, 2010

monday mixtape: [new york state of mind edition]

i chose a theme, found variations on the theme from the world of everyday art, literature, music, film, television, internet, travel, and mashed them together into one post, like separate tracks on a mixtape, see?

track 1: the teaser
Photograph by Joe McNally, National Geographic

track 2: a few of our favorite NYC-themed songs

track 3: notes on a theme

Not many words this week, but we're talkin' New York City, so....

Here's a bunch of posts where I gush about the place:

  • a delicious taste of the Big Apple here
  • girl's day in NYC here
  • anniversary road trip here
  • recession-proof romance here

track 4: art for charity

Jennifer Hill
for The Working Proof

track 5: television

The characters have serious issues and there's not much of a redemptive storyline, but the sets, costumes, design is totally NYC-ensational!  

track 6: museum
Guggenheim, New York

My new favorite museum experience ever.  We saw the current exhibit, Chaos and Classicism, last weekend.  Between Frank Lloyd Wright's architecturally-pleasing egotism and the curators' hospitality to those of us lacking an art history degree, this will move right to the top of our annual road trip list!

one of my all-time favorite NYC photos: Brian resting during our Brooklyn Bridge walk
Can you add any examples of art inspired by everyday experiences in literature, music, visual, poetry or film. Add your own "tracks to the mix" in the comment section below!  (sorry, the links option costs money now so, we're going to stick with the good, ol'-fashioned comments box!)

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