Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Top 10 guest post: Let's Hear it for New York

I brought in a ringer this week - my husband.The man just loves this city....

Top 10 Things that I Love about New York City
by Brian Murphy

10. Parks: From Central to Bryant and all throughout the city the parks are great for strolling, relaxing, and some excellent people watching.
Farmer's Market in Union Square - 2009
9. Food on the Corner: Hot Dogs (or as my friend Scott says -- a dirty water hot dog), pretzels, gyros, and my personal favorite roasted nuts are all outside and available all the time. Enjoy something while you are relaxing in the park. By the way, the restaurants -- forgetaboutit!

Pete's Tavern
one of our favorites (oh, yeah, and O. Henry's, too)
8. Stuff to do for free: The city that never sleeps is also doable for very little money. The Staten Island Ferry, for example, takes you on a free ride past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island all while offering beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline.

Walking through Chinatown in the rainy springtime
7. Music in the subway: Last time we visited the city, it was the underground (literally) Opera in the 42nd Street subway station. The time before that it was classical guitar in the stairway of a downtown stop. The time before that it was Motown outside of the Staten Island Ferry entrance. Very cool.

Grimaldi's in Brooklyn
best pizza in NYC (that we've tasted so far!)
6. Baseball. The 27 time World Champion New York Yankees, 'nough said. (editor's note:  Brian actually wrote this for me last week; had he written it this week, I'm guessing there's more he might have to say about the Yanks...)

I'm kicking myself because I can't find the photo Brian and Alex took from the
This is summer 2008.  Our last visit with the kids in the old stadium.

5. Downtown: My favorite part of the city -- a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most relaxing sightseeing you'll do int the city. Start at City Hall Park - notice the operational gas lanterns that light the path, check out the architectural features of city hall itself, and then take a walk across the bridge and back. Great views.

entering Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn side
4. Driving: Yep, driving. One of the most exhilarating experiences in the city. Channel your inner-cab driver, start on the avenues rather than the streets, watch the pros, and do what they do. You'll be fine. Hint: Don't sightsee. Let your passengers enjoy the sights while you enjoy the ride.

from City Hall Park - Spring 2010
3. Buildings: Fine art all by themselves. Forget about the stereotypes, embrace your tourist tendencies and lift your head skyward. When the sky is right, you'll feel like you can see the earth rotating.

Mako Fujimura exhibit
Dillon Gallery - 2009
2. Museums: Get a book and find some of the out of the way ones. Also, churches as museums are a good way to go. Go see Saint Paul's Chapel across from the World Trade Center and notice the pews that were gouged  and scratched by the guns, tools, and radios of rescue workers from the 9/11 tragedy. The Guggenheim is the most enjoyable traditional museum experience that I have had. Walking to the top of the spiral ramp  is an experience all by itself.

St. Paul's Chapel
1. Energy: New York City is the most optimistic and energetic place on earth. I feel as if I could sleep 5 hours a night and still be alive all day. Try waking up with the city. Get up at 6AM and take a walk. The quiet yet electric feel is enough to make the trip worth it.

overlooking the activity at the WTC site from a quiet hotel room - Fall 2009
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