Wednesday, October 06, 2010

pondering words and pictures on a Wednesday morning

One year ago overlooking WTC site.

 "In this world, this life, "flow" [the times when our work or play so absorbs and attunes our energies that we lose track of time]comes to an end. The canvas is dry, the fugue is complete, the band plays the tag one more time and then resolves on the final chord. And, too, the book is finished, the service is over, the lights go up in the darkened theater and we emerge blinking into the bright lights of the "real world." But what if the timeless, creative world we had glimpsed is really the real world -- and it is precisely its reality that gave it such power to captivate us for a while? What if our ultimate destiny is that moment of enjoyment and engagement we glimpse in the artist's studio?" (Andy Crouch, Culture Making)

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